This roadmap is a rough outline of the project goals we currently have in mind. Some of these may change or not happen at all. The dates are estimates - we aren't promising we will hit them. If you have any feedback on this roadmap, let us know using the contact button at the buttom of the page.

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  • October 2021: Rewritten core components in Typescript
  • November 2021: Basic documentation for core components
  • December 2021: Developer guide for building games
  • January 2022: Homegames locker service completion
  • February 2022: Signed binaries
  • April 2022: Client integration with social APIs
  • June 2022: Game catalog service
  • 2023: Game save / achievement service
  • Maybe: "Homegames premium"
  • Maybe: Developer Donations
  • Maybe: Use WebGL on the Homegames client